Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. These terms and conditions govern the sale and purchase of products through our website.
    2. You will be asked to give your express agreement to these terms and conditions before you place your order on our website.
    3. This document does not affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer ( such as rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or the Consumer Protection ( Distance Selling) Regulations 2000).
  2. Interpretation
    1. In these terms and conditions:
      1. “we” means Oneforoccasions.com; and
      2. “you” means our customer or prospective customer,
      3. and “us”, “our” and “your” should be construed accordingly.
  3. Order process
    1. The  advertising of products on our website constitutes an “invitation to treat” rather than a contractual offer.
    2. No contract will come into force between you and us unless and until we accept your order in accordance with the procedure set out in this section 3.
    3. To enter into a contract through our website to purchase products from us, the following steps must be taken: you must add products you wish to purchase to your shopping cart,and then proceed to the checkout; if you are a new customer, you must then create an account with us and log in; if you are an existing customer you must enter your log in details, once you are logged in, you must select your preferred method of delivery and confirm your order and your consent to these terms of sale; you will be then transferred to our payment service provider’s website, and our payment service provider will handle your payment; we will then send you an initial acknowledgement; and once we have checked whether we are able to meet your order , we will either send you an order confirmation or we will confirm by email that we are unable to meet your order.
  4. Products
    1. The following types of products are or may be available on our website from time to time, Catholic & Religious gifts and other Occasion related gifts.
    2. We may periodically change the products available on our website, and we do not undertake to continue to supply any particular product or type of product.
  5. Prices
    1. The prices of our products are quoted on our website.
    2. We will from time to time change the product prices quoted on our website, but this will not affect contracts that have previously come into force.
    3. All amounts stated in these terms and conditions or on our website are stated inclusive of VAT.
    4. It is possible that prices on the website may be incorrectly quoted; accordingly, we will verify prices as part of our sale procedures so that a product’s correct price will be notified to you before the contract of sale comes into force.
    5. In addition to the price of the products, you have to pay a delivery charge, which will be shown on the website.
  6. Payments
    1. You must, during the checkout process, pay the prices of the products you order.
    2. Payments must be made by any of the permitted methods specified on our website from time to time.
    3. If you fail to pay to us any amount due under these terms and conditions, in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions, then we may withhold the products ordered and or by written notice to you at any time cancel the contract of sale for the products.
    4. If you make an unjustified credit card, debit card or other charge back then you will be liable to pay us, within 7 days following the date of our written request:
      1. an amount equal to the amount of the charge-back;
      2. all third party expenses incurred by us in relation to the charge-back (including charges made by our or your bank or payment processor or card issuer);
      3. an administration fee of GBP 25.00 including VAT; and
      4. all our reasonable costs, losses and expenses incurred in recovering the amounts referred to in this section 6.4  including without limitation legal fees and debt collection fees.
      5. and for the avoidance of doubt, if you fail to recognise or fail to remember the source of an entry on your card statement or other financial statement, and make a charge-back as a result, this will constitute an unjustified charge-back for the purpose of this section 6.4.
  7. Deliveries
    1. Our policies and procedures relating to the delivery of products are set out in this section 7, our delivery policy document.
    2. We will arrange for the products you purchase to be delivered to the delivery address you specify during the checkout process.
    3. We will use reasonable endeavours to deliver your products on or before the date for delivery set out in the order confirmation or, if no date is set out in the order confirmation, within 5-7 days following the date of the order confirmation; however, we do not gurantee delivery by this date.
    4. We do guarantee that unless there are exceptional circumstances all deliveries of products will be dispatched within 28 days following the receipt of payment and the date of the order confirmation.
    5. We currently will only deliver products to addresses in the UK, excluding all the channel Islands, the Highlands of Scotland and the Shetlands.
  8. Distance selling: right of cancellation
    1. This section 8 applies if and only if you contract with us as a consumer
    2. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, consumers have a right to cancel any distance contract to purchase a product or products from us at any time within the period:
      1. beginning upon the conclusion of the contract of sale under these terms and conditions; and
      2. ending after a period of 7 working days beginning with the day after the day on which you receive the product or products, subject to the limitations set out in this section 8.
    3. You will not have any right to cancel a contract as described in this section 8 in so far as the contract relates to:
      1. The supply of goods made to your specifications, jewellery  related products(Rosary,  bracelets Rosaries), goods ordered for you.
    4. In order to cancel a contract on the basis described in this section 8, you must give to us written notice of cancellation, which may be sent to the business address or email address specified on our website.
    5. If you cancel a contract on the basis described in this section 8,you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid, excluding the cost of sending the product or products to you; however you will also be responsible for paying the cost of returning the product or products to us.
    6. If you cancel a contract on the basis described in this section 8 and you do not return the product or products to us, we may recover the product or products and charge you for the costs we incur in doing so; similarly, if you return the product or products at our expense, we may pass that expense on to you.
    7. We will usually refund money using the same method used to make the payment.
    8. We will process the refund due to you as a result of a cancellation on the basis described in this section 8 as soon as possible and, in any case, within the period of 28 days following the day we receive your valid notice of cancellation and the return of any goods in transit to you.
  9. Warranties and representations
    1. You warrant and represent to us that:
      1. you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts;
      2. you have full authority, power and capacity to agree to these terms and conditions;
      3. all the information that you provide to us in connection with your order is true, accurate, complete, and non-misleading; and
      4. you will be able to take delivery of the products in accordance with these terms and conditions and our delivery policy.
    2. We warrant you that:
      1. we have the right to sell the products that you buy;
      2. the products we sell to you are sold free from any charge or encumbrance, except as specified in these terms and conditions;
      3. you shall enjoy quiet possession of the products you buy, except as specified in these terms and conditions.
      4. the products you buy will correspond to any description published on our website; and
      5. the products you buy will be of satisfactory quality.
    3. These terms and conditions set out all our warranties and representations relating to the supply of products hereunder. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and subject to section 11.1, all other warranties and representations are expressly excluded.
  10. Breach of Product Warranty
    1. If you believe that products you have purchased from us breach any of the warranties set out in section  9.2, please contact us to discuss the issue and arrangements for the return of the products.
    2. If products you purchase from us do not conform with the warranties set out in section 9.2 then you will be entitled to a refund of all amounts paid in respect of those  products. Alternatively and subject to availability, we may agree to supply you with replacement products, in which case we will pay the cost of delivering those replacement products to you.
    3. If you return a product in contravention of these terms and conditions, and you do not have any other legal right to a refund or exchange in respect of that product:
      1. we will not refund the purchase price or exchange the product.
      2. we may retain the returned product until you pay to us such additional amount as we may charge for re-delivery of the returned product; and
      3. if we do not receive payment of such additional amount within 14 days of issuing a request for payment, we may destroy or otherwise dispose of the returned product in our sole discretion without any liability to you.
  11. Consequences of  order cancellation
    1. If a contract made under these terms and conditions is cancelled  by you:
      1. We will cease to have any obligation to deliver products which are undelivered at the date of cancellation
      2. You will continue to have an obligation where applicable to pay for products which have been delivered at the date of cancellation ( without prejudice to any right we may have to recover the products) and
      3. all the other provisions of these terms and conditions will cease to have effect, except  that sections 1.3, 6.4, 19, 20 and 21 will survive termination and continue in effect indefinitely.
  12. Entire agreement
    1. The terms and conditions together with our delivery policy and our returns policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the sale and purchase of our products and supersede all previous agreements between you and us in relation to the sale and purchase of our products.
  13. Law and jurisdiction
    1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.
    2. Any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
  14. Statutory and regulatory disclosures
    1. These terms and conditions are available in the English Language only
    2. Our VAT number is GB 743785206
  15. Our Details
    1. This website is owned and operated by Carters
    2. Our principal place of business is at 183 Cricklewood Broadway Cricklewood London NW23HT.
    3. You can contact us by writing to the business address given above, by using our website contact form, by email to info@oneforoccasions.com or by telephone on 02084521559.








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